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Find The Best Bum Bag For Your Adventures!

bum bag

A bum bag is an extremely practical and also fashionable way to carry around all those important items you need with you when you are out and about. Bum bags are worn around the waist and so they can also be known as waist bags, hip pouches or running bags.

In the USA a bum bag is called a “fanny pack” referring to the fact that over the pond a “fanny” is a “bum”! Obviously that is different in the UK and thus here we mainly refer to them as bum bags. They can be worn with the pouch at the front or the rear and you can even wear these versatile accessories across one shoulder if you like. They are a multi-purpose bag and they are both a fantastic accessory for sport, walking or travel, and a fun fashion accessory too.

The waist strap on a bum bag is adjustable to suit different size waists or to allow the bag to be worn across one shoulder. The main materials used are leather and various types of fabric such as nylon and cordura. A black leather bumbag is a popular choice with many people, but the nylon materials are heavily used in the more sports orientated bum bags.

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A bum bag usually consists of one large compartment or a double compartment, with a selection of smaller zipped pockets and an adjustable waist strap. You can also get specialist products such as a travel bumbag with phone pocket, loose change pocket and passport holder. Some of the more popular sports and travel orientated bum bag brands include Outdoor Gear, Hi-Tec, Lifeventure, Kipling, Caribee, Lorenz, Quiksilver, Victorinox, Lorenz and Jeep.

There is also a large selection of fashion and designer brands who have produced their own versions of the bum bag. If you are in to designer and high street labels then you can find bum bags from brands such as Marks and Spencer, French Connection, American Apparel, Marc Jacobs and even Louis Vuitton.

Whatever your requirements may be, such as a large leather bumbag or a small fabric one there is a huge choice of products to suit every occasion and every price range. Visit our product pages to locate your perfect bum bag.