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Want The Best Designer Bum Bags?

There has recently been a revival of the bum bag in the fashion market and designer bum bags have featured in some of the catwalk shows of the top labels. The lowly bum bag has always been around, but some have viewed it as uncool and something they would not be seen dead wearing.

Designer Bum Bags
Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

However, these views can soon be turned around when some top designers decide to bring the look back in to vogue. Two of high end style brands which have produced their own versions these products are Gucci and Louis Vuitton. In the current Spring/Summer collection of Louis Vuitton they have a Louis Vuitton Bum Bag in Monogram Underground. Made from goats leather with contrasting calfskin patch it retails for around £1240!

Gucci have produced a number of Gucci Bum bags and waist packs over the years and you can quite often pick them up on Ebay second hand. Be aware though that many of the designer bum bags which are sold on Ebay are definitely fakes. In fact it is not only on Ebay that you will come across fake Gucci bumbags, there are hundreds of web stores which have been set up to sell knock off designer goods. Always be sure you know who you are buying from when shopping online. Also be sure to use a credit card as they offer you more protection than a debit card.

An authentic Gucci bum bag or an authentic Louis Vuitton bum bag is likely to go for a relatively high price and not everyone wishes to spend that much on this kind of product. You can however find some great looking items at a much lower price. Designer bum bags are available from several well loved high street names.

Sequin Bum Bag
New Look Sequin Bum Bag

An example of a product we like which is much more reasonable in price is this Black Sequin Bum Bag from New Look. Available for the low price of around £10. It would be great for all occasions and it looks really fab. You can also find this item in Silver too.

BooHoo have a designer bumbag called ‘Kate’. It is available in three great colour choices of Black, Cream and Red. The main compartment is zipped and it has a fully adjustable waist belt and front zipped pocket. You can buy one of these hot fashion accessories for around £15.

Kate Bum Bag
BooHoo Kate Bum Bag

So if you are looking for designer bum bags and you do not want to splash out hundreds of your hard earned money on a designer model such as the Loius Vuitton Bosphore bum bag or the Louis Vuitton Melville bum bag then we are sure you will be able to pick up a great looking product within your price range.

The designer bum bag is definitely on the up when it comes to high fashion and Rihanna was recently snapped sporting a Dolce & Gabbana bum bag and have a page featuring some of the bum bags which top labels used in their catwalk shows. Bum bags are so versatile, they are really great for travel, festivals, concerts or just hoping around town. Designer bum bags are perfect as a gift and if you hunt around you may even find a real designer model going cheap in the sale!

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